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Groke Aluminium Range

Your new entrance door should be very special. It should match the style of your home and be prestigious, expressing your good taste. Do you also want an entrance door that meets high security standards and helps save energy with high thermal insulation values?



GROKE Modern Entry Doors

Design, Security, Performance A Groke custom aluminum entry door is, without question, the ultimate finishing touch for your entryway, offering an unmatched combination of craftsmanship, security, energy performance, and durability.


Groke uses only the finest materials, hardware and fittings, along with the proprietary GROKEtherm GT 190 thermally broken aluminum frame system offering the highest levels of energy savings, strength and security. ​ The complex construction gives a particularly positive impression. A stable connection between frame and ground sill facilitates the installation and provides and extremely high level of resistance and longevity of the construction.Groke Home Page
INFILL PANEL Standard Design                                             OVERLAY PANEL Premium Design
INFILL PANEL Standard Design                                                                             OVERLAY PANEL Premium Design

Variations with fixed sidelites and transom in various designs possible.

​Max. door slab width: 48" (4ft.) 
(96" or 8ft. with double doors)
Max. door slab height: 120" (10 ft.)
*Please contact Groke if taller doors are needed


Groke doors are elaborately powder coated providing a very durable and stylish finish. 

​Groke uses 6 standard colors besides RAL 9016 Traffic White. Also available in most RAL colors.
​(RAL is the most popular European architectural color standard used today) 

Finishes can be in fine structure, gloss or matt.
All Groke doors are engineered around a high quality multi-point locking system, and a multi-chambered aluminum that is thermally separated with a 3mm wall thickness. 

Every Groke door has two stainless steel bolt pins on the hinge side of the door that prevent the door from being levered out. 

Groke doors also feature a long, double European lock cylinder, that will leave any would-be lock-picking burglar scratching their head.
Groke entry doors U-Factor Ratings range from .257 all the way down to an impressive .13

Most Groke doors far exceed the Energy Star thermal performance values, and all Groke doors are designed to meet European Air Leakage standards. All components of the Groke door are thermally separated (frame, door panel, and sill).

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The biometric fingerprint scanner is integrated in the entry door and adds an even more modern looking touch to your Groke Entry Door.

When you swipe your finger over the scanner, its fingerprints are scanned and saved as a unique finger code
Each time you use the scanner, the newly scanned fingerprint is compared with the saved one.

Of all the biometric techniques, finger scan is the most convenient one, due to its cost,user acceptance, security and stage of development. 

Your childrens finger from age 6 onward may also be recognized and the scanners are easy to use for children. 
You need not worry anymore, that your child might lose its keys.

  • Latest-generation fingerprint sensor with high-speed processor and low energy consumption
  • Simple access administration (teach-in/delete)
  • Tamper-proof system: a real, live finger is required to gain access
  • Storage of approx. 50-80 fingerprints, up to nine administrators
  • Encrypted and reliable radio connection (Somloq rolling code system) 
  • Deletion of specific fingerprints possible even in the absence of the fingerprint owner
  • Each ENTRAsys FD has its own master PIN: access is still possible in an emergency (e.g. in the event of the failure of all administrator IDs)
  • Ideal for use together with the GU Secury Automatic multi-point locking system 
  • Vibration and shock tested
  • 1358284


Groke Modern Entry Doors

Groke Modern Entry Doors
Groke Modern Entry Doors
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